Scott A. Weems

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"It has been said that the brain is a lot like the Reagan presidency—characterized by countless interacting modules, all acting independently with only the semblance of a central executive."

I didn't make up that analogy about the brain being like the Reagan presidency. And I don't know who did.

About ten years ago, I wrote a note to myself that it was a funny comparison after reading it in a popular science book. But, sadly, I didn't record the source, which has since been lost, along with so many brain cells.

Which wouldn't be a big deal, except now some sources are attributing it to me. I don't want to be called a thief.

So, the first person to direct me to the original source will get a free, signed copy of my book: Ha! the Science of When We Laugh and Why. Or I’ll sign somebody else’s book. I don’t care. Just forward a page number and title, and we’ll work something out, I promise.

Thank you

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